Wedding In A Clutch

We have a thing for weddings. Surprise, it’s a plan!


Imagine Your Dream Wedding

Now draft your budget, find your vendors for each category, negotiate the contracts... and GO!

If you think wedding planning is tough, think about how much more difficult it will be to start planning your wedding... without a plan!

Worse yet, are you already trying to navigate this on your own while dodging Pinterest's time suck and unsolicited advice from friends and family?

We believe wedding planning should be FUN and CALM.

This is what Wedding in a Clutch solves for couples who don't know where to start.


Wedding In A Clutch is the only way to try-before-you-buy your wedding planner.

Wedding In A Clutch is the best way to DIY your wedding.

Whether your priority is learning what to look for in your vendor contracts or booking your entire vendor team in one go - this is for you.

Not in Chicago, Illinois or the USA?
No worries, we love helping couples with our radical planning process globally!




1. We seize opportunities and take to it eagerly

2. We perform under pressure


2. we’ll gift you a gorgeous clutch wallet

3. we’re not a mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a vehicle engine from its transmission system, but we do manage the relationship between you and all your vendors.


1. we’re exactly what you needed

2. We’re used to clutch hitting to make your dream wedding a reality


Are You a Clutch Bride/Groom

noun; Badass with a (wedding) plan

This is not a solution for folks who want a long, drawn-out and painful wedding planning process. If you can't wait to spend most of your waking and working hours on the phone and on google trying desperately to cobble together your wedding... walk on by.

If you're still here and you want the exact opposite, you're on the right track. Even better if you don't know where to turn for help or want to try-before-you-buy a wedding planner.

You're in exactly the right place.


What's in the Clutch

What You Should Expect

1 day, 8 hour planning workshop

  • Remote or in-person support (travel fees for meetings outside of the 606 may apply)

  • Introduction to your wedding checklist, timeline, vendor categories and more

  • Actionable items for you to plan your wedding

  • Clutch Team Proposal (1 recommended vendor per category)

  • All our work will be sent or presented to you in a gorgeous clutch full of little surprises for your planning journey

Our couples often choose one of two paths:

1. "You taught us so much! You've set us up for success and we can connect the dots ourselves! We'll be in touch about coordination in a few months."

2. "This has been great. We don't want it to end. We loved the ease and balance of being able to live our lives and work our jobs while being kept in the loop. We want you to make our dream wedding a reality!"



How much time will it take? (300 hrs)

  • Do I have 8 hours to take off of work and plan my wedding? Can I spare that much?

  • How about 20-30 hours per milestone event (shower, bachelorette, welcome dinner, farewell brunch etc)?

  • How do I feel about devoting 100+ hours to planning plus 50+ hours over the four days surrounding your big day?


Do I know what the average wedding cost is in the US? ($36,000)

  • Have I had the budget conversation?

  • Am I self-funded or accepting help from family?

  • How am I making decisions on our guest list? (avg. 120)

  • Did I do the math on those averages? I could be spending $120/hr to plan my own wedding without help.


How is my current work, school or home load?

  • What percent of expendable energy do I have each week?

  • Do I anticipate any dramatic shifts in this balance due to work, school, family etc?

  • Do I have the energy and emotional reserves to get through this on my own?

  • Do I want to enjoy my wedding day free of stress, knowing I’m in good hands?




We take a limited number of Clutch appointments per month to ensure that every couple gets our 110%.

Don’t miss out on the chance to plan your wedding the fastest and easiest way possible.

We believe in this service so much that our couples who book Wedding In A Clutch and upgrade to

  • Full Wedding Planning save $1000

  • Coordination save $250

After all, our process makes our job easier and your wedding foolproof!

Save yourself hundreds of hours and stress by starting off right with a streamlined process with expertise.

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What We're All About

(*Hint: It's all about you)

We believe wedding planning can and should be a FUN and CALM process. Never heard those words in the same sentence?

We achieve this for our couples by connecting them to rockstar vendors and then negotiating, organizing and managing them.

We have the perfect solution for your dream wedding:

Wedding In A Clutch

Full Wedding Planning

Wedding Coordination