Which Bride Are You?

As you begin to plan your wedding it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of time, energy and money that may be necessary. Fear not! This is where you get to make a very easy decision.

Which bride are you?


Meet Rachel

Bride Rachel and her fiance are happily engaged since the holidays. They immediately jumped online and felt a waive of stress as they saw the to-dos and deadlines pile up.

They might have seen something about a wedding planner, maybe a friend had one at her wedding, but what do they actually do? Rachel forged ahead with the help of her friends and family which put strain on her relationships during the process. She had to trust her equally busy bridesmaids with huge responsibilities like making centerpieces and a family friend was asked to be the photographer as a favor…

Are You A Rachel?

You got your cake order in just before the deadline. It will be fine but you didn’t think to ask for a tasting so now you’re wondering if the strawberry buttercream would have been better than the lemon.

Your DJ is loading in at your venue but there wasn’t a detailed load-in timeline so there’s a bottle neck at the dock delaying your caterer. The DJ calls you as your nails are drying to tell you there isn’t enough power for him to set up where you had planned. The venue manager texts you as the photographer begins to capture your first look with your parents because your caterers didn’t bring a certificate of insurance and they won’t be allowed to set up until they can provide one.

The DJ has just approached your head table for the fourth time to ask what you want to do next. Without a set list and timeline they have to continually check in to keep the reception moving along. You decide it’s time for the first dance and your fiance is getting stage fright because it never occurred to either of you to take lessons, let alone have your first dance choreographed.

As you watch your guests devour the cake, you aren’t looking forward to your secret stash for late night snacking because the caterers began serving during your dance and no one saved you a piece.

You’ve been happily married for a few months, life is returning to normal. Then you remember… shouldn’t you have received your wedding photos by now? You search your email for a contact and have to reach out to your family to locate the photographer. Turns out they completely forgot and don’t have an ETA. They don’t offer to curate and rush a photo album or include safe cloud backups of your photos. You’re scrolling through your photos nearly four months after your wedding and wonder, is there a single photo that captures your whole wedding dress?

You’re baffled.


Meet Lauren

Bride Lauren and her fiance also got engaged over the holidays. They took a few weeks to just enjoy being engaged, sharing the news with their loved ones and dreaming of their wedding without any pressure or judgement. They had light-hearted conversations, getting a feel for each other’s priorities and a sense of direction.

After a month or so, they began researching standard wedding checklists and timelines. Pretty quickly they realized there was a lot to be done. They needed to pick their date, secure a venue and consider a photographer for engagement photos! Then Lauren saw something online that made her think about the role a wedding planner might play in their wedding. Through looking online and discovery calls, they realized the invaluable benefit of wedding planners…

Are You A Lauren?

After a fun week of siting amazing venues, you found it. THE DREAM VENUE. Your planner negotiated an early load-in time and bridal suite to give everyone some much appreciated breathing room. Now your planner is showing you the best of the best local photographers and reminding you that your photographer’s style should jive with your own as well as your venue. If the photographer’s shoot and filter style is light and airy but you’ve booked a dark, moody speakeasy venue… it’s probably not a great fit.

Yet again your planner is reviewing the contracts, sniffing out The Catch, and any omissions that you need to be aware of. How quickly will you get your finished photos? In what format? Are they extending a promotion for you to book an engagement and wedding photo package? What’s their policy if they get sick or can’t make it?

Then you’ve booked and paid. You’re so excited, it’s shoot day. Now what? Do you just… show up and stand where they tell you to? Not a chance. Your planner has a call sheet that includes all of your Must Haves from your Pinterest board, they have already reminded you to get your ring cleaned beforehand and because they learned so much about you by this time, they packed your favorite snacks so you can have that dreamy wine and cheeseboard picnic in the park during your photos.

Now it’s the end of a long day of smiling for the camera and you’re overcome with gratitude for such a loving partner, whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Bonus, you’ve made a new best friend with your photographer. Better yet, your planner is performing a final check of the shoot site to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind and then you’re on your way home! What’s this… a text from your planner. She has already loaded the ETA proof and final photo deadlines into your shared calendar and reminds you that your cake tasting is in a week.

You’re dazzled!


What Do Wedding Planners Do?

We love on our our couples. Truly. We’re your cheerleader, advocate and secret weapon. Thoughts of dates, venues and photographers may overwhelm you, but they excite us. We aren’t just another name to add to your list of vendors or budget. We ARE your list of vendors. We ARE your budget. Our job is to source viable options for you within your budget. The sooner you welcome the help of a planner, the sooner and more thoroughly we can work our magic.


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