New and Improved Send Off Ideas that are Environmentally Friendly

What Is Environmentally Friendly?

Not all materials used in weddings are environmentally friendly. So how do we determine what is?

Take wood for example. Say your decor company is constructing a fabulous arch and ceremony alter. Wood is automatically safe, right? Not necessarily! Wood is generally a sustainable resource, however, the way in which that wood is sourced, assembled and delivered can affect its sustainability.

Is the wood rare or a particularly necessary part of its natural ecosystem? Is the decor company sourcing it from clean and reputable sources? Was the wood cut down with gas-powered machinery that leaves a huge impact on the environment or was it reclaimed and sawed with an electric or hand-saw? Are the decor elements being sourced from one state, trucked to another for assembly and then trucked to your wedding in yet another state? What happens to the pieces after your wedding? Will they be reused or disposed of?

You might be overwhelmed with this new awareness of what it can mean to truly be environmentally friendly, however, there are some incredible ideas and trends that can create a big WOW impact and not a big environmental one.

New and Improved

Bio-degradable Confetti

Ecofetti is one of many sources for eco-friendly confetti and faux snow. They offer many color and packaging choices.

Holi Color Powder

Colored powders used in Holi, an Indian tradition and Americanized applications like The Color Run can be a great fit for your send off! Natural powders are made from water, pulverized plants and clay.

Floral Toss

The internet is full of providers like LarkspurHill who provide dried flower petals, seeds, leaves and herbs for your wedding needs. Don’t be afraid to ask where and how the petals are sourced and if any sprouts are indigenous to your location!


Untitled design (8).png

Cocunut flakes are a huge hit right now. They provide a light, white material that is gentle to the couple and the location. Keep in mind how and where they are sourced.


Untitled design (9).png

Why pay for something that will be thrown at you? Why not open a fabulous bottle of wine or other spirit and send off with a toast!

What still isn’t eco-friendly

Sparklers, however beautiful, contain metals, chemicals and a fire risk.
Glitter can attract wildlife for the wrong reason, clog water and it sticks around for a long, long time.
Balloons are hard to keep afloat and when they do get away from you or pop they can end up in trees and water and snare or be consumed by wildlife.