Are You A Clutch Bride?

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We believe wedding planning can and should be a fun and comfortable process.

- RMP Chicago Events

Imagine your dream wedding… the dress, the flowers, your teary-eyed groom, surrounded by your family and friends…

Now draft your budget, book a venue, contract all your vendors, make a checklist, check off the checklist, make the timeline, walk the vendors through every step of your wedding day… AND GO!

If you think wedding planning is tough, think about how much more difficult it will be to start planning your wedding... without a plan!

Worse yet, are you already trying to navigate this on your own while dodging Pinterest's time suck and unsolicited advice from friends and family?

We believe wedding planning should be FUN and CALM. This is what WEDDING IN A CLUTCH solves for couples who don't know where to start.

This is not a solution for folks who want a long, drawn-out and painful wedding planning process. If you can't wait to spend most of your waking and working hours on the phone and on google trying desperately to cobble together your wedding... walk on by.

If you're still here and you want the exact opposite, you're on the right track. Even better if you don't know where to turn for help or want to "try before you buy" a wedding planner.

You're in exactly the right place.

What does CLUTCH mean?

VERB; 1. grasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly; 2. to perform under pressure

NOUN; 1. a tight grasp on something; 2. a mechanism for connecting and disconnecting an engine from a transmission

ADJECTIVE; 1. perfect, exactly what is needed, an exclamation; 2. in sport, denoting a critical situation in which the outcome of a game is at stake


Ready for a customized day of wedding planning that will set you up for a stress free wedding

SUBSCRIPTIONISTA and familiar with outsourcing parts of your life
Trendy and seek out the newest hot spots for night life, brunch, and everything in between
Creative and adventurous, on the canvas, on the road or elsewhere

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