'Tis the Season, Don't Fall Behind

Fall is around the corner, have you booked your holiday party yet?

Whether you're hosting a formal soiree for friends, a night of team building for the office, or even a surprise (gasp!) proposal or engagement party... now is the time to start planning!

It can be complicated negotiating venues around the holidays and booking in the next month is crucial. Your planner will question the venues if they will already be decorated on your date, this can help guide your event decor and save you some money! If there are multiple events in the same venue, think a hotel with multiple ballrooms, your planner should ask if you can menu share or schedule your event to begin after an earlier party ends and use the same AV in order to save on set up labor.

An often forgotten element of holiday parties are getting your guests home safely. Your planner will find you a ride provider that will get your guests where they're going, however, the party doesn't have to stop there! Many transportation companies will accept requests to stock drinks, snacks and they can even continue your holiday playlist.

Send your guests off into the holiday season and new year in style and safety!